10 People Who Faced Death — and It’s a Miracle They Survived

1. Louis Zamperini — the man who was “Unbroken”

On May 27, 1943, a U.S Army Air Corps B-24 plane on a rescue mission in the Pacific malfunctioned and crashed into the sea. One of the members on it was Lt. Louis Zamperini who was a distance runner who had competed in the 1936 Berlin Olympics. He managed to survive for 47 days on only fish and rain water. Then he and the second member of the crew, 2nd Lt. Russell Phillips, were found by Japanese forces.

That’s when things got even worse for Zamperini. The Olympian had to endure horrible torture at the hands of a sadistic camp sergeant named Mutsuhiro “The Bird” Watanabe.

Despite the horrible ordeal, Zamperini survived the war and was liberated in 1945. In later years, he had a religious conversion and tried to meet with Watanabe in Japan to let him know he forgave him, but “The Bird” refused to face his old enemy.

The movie “Unbroken” was created in 2014 and it depicts everything Zamperini went through.

We hope you enjoyed reading the miraculous and extraordinary stories of these ordinary people. We would like to know if any of you have found yourselves in similar situations. Please, share your stories with us in the comments!

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