10 People Who Faced Death — and It’s a Miracle They Survived

6. Tsutomu Yamaguchi — the survivor of 2 nuclear attacks

On August 6, 1945, Tsutomu Yamaguchi was in Hiroshima on an official visit, it was supposed to be his last day in the city, but something that changed the course of history happened. This is the story of the man who survived 2 nuclear attacks.

Early in the morning, an American B-29 bomber dropped “Little Boy” — a uranium gun-type bomb, which caused a blaze of light, followed by absolute destruction. The explosion almost wiped out the whole population of Hiroshima. He suffered burns from the blast and his eardrums were ruptured.

Just 3 days later, after he returned to his wife and son in his hometown of Nagasaki, a second bomb was dropped. This one was called “Fat Man” because it was a much more powerful plutonium implosion-type bomb and it destroyed the entire city. His wife and son also survived the attack.

Despite becoming sick due to the radiation exposure, he slowly recovered and went on to live a normal life with his family.

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