10 People Who Faced Death — and It’s a Miracle They Survived

3. Ewa Wiśnierska — the paraglider who got sucked into a storm

Ewa Wiśnierska is an experienced paraglider who is internationally known for her paragliding feats. In 2007, Ewa was paragliding in Australia when she was sucked into a horrific storm. She found herself in a vortex at a speed of nearly 50 mph, and carried to a maximum height of 32,634 feet, higher than the top of Mount Everest and almost at the point where jumbo jets cruise.

Due to the lack of oxygen at that altitude, she passed out for nearly an hour. Amazingly she drifted unscathed through temperatures of −40ºF as hail and lightning raged around her.

According to doctors, the fact that she passed out may have helped her survive by slowing down her heart rate and bodily functions. This gave her the chance to wake up later after the storm was dying down and then land safely back on earth.

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