15 Breakup Memes That are Painful Yet Funny

Breakups are always terrible. It’s never easy to part with someone that you had once given your heart to. But people fall out of love or they simply outgrow each other and breakups become inevitable.

Some people deal with breakups maturely and move on without making a fuss. Others grieve for months and suffer a hard time forgetting their ex’s. This is why the people around you will try their best to give out their support and understanding to help you move on. And guess what? It’s not just your family and friends that can help you heal after a break-up. The internet can also help you forget the pain with funny memes that express the emotions, dramas, and struggles of separating from a loved one.

We bet nothing beats the pain than our hilarious yet true break up memes collection listed below. They will help you mask the pain with inappropriate amounts of sass. So peeps bring a smile on your face and scroll on.

1Story of my life

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