Celebs Who Failed Choosing Undies

Celebs Who Failed Choosing Undies

It’s not only about celebs. Regular people like you and me can also fail when picking up some outfits and checking if they match together. Choosing underwear that fits is way much more complicated. But these mostly invisible pieces of clothing are way much important than we might think. Here’s what happens when celebs ignore devoting enough time to them.



Jennifer Lopez

J Lo is a super sexy mom and singer. Man adore her curves and women go under the knife to look just like her. Maybe this is why she ignored basic bra and top matching rule and showed up wearing black underwear with blue blouse? She looks messy and her tits seem much smaller than they are.


Christina Aguilera

Again color mismatch. Seems like Christina wanted her bra to fit her lipstick. But the reason why she wanted everyone to check it it out and let her breasts show up from her t-shirt is unknown. Unless her male fans left satisfied. Just like that time when she put on jeans ripped right on her butt with no panties under. Bad bad girl Christina!



Krysten Ritter

Oh, my! Did she borrow those ugly huge black panties from her grandma? They make her hips look bigger than they actually are and the legs seem to be borrowed from someone else. The entire look seems too awkward. This is why they say that there should only one see-through outfit at a time.

Zoe Saldana

Zoe believes her fans didn’t see enough of her body so far. This is why she has chosen to wear just half of her blouse to brag with her bra. Although its color didn’t match anything else on her and definitely made her boobs look tiny and hardly seen on her chest. But maybe that was not her fault at all? What if her mirror cracked apart before she checked out how she looked in this? There should be a valid excuse for this disaster.

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