Charlotte’s Body Defect Is Terrifying

Charlotte’s Body Defect Is Terrifying

The world got to know Charlotte Crosby thanks to popular reality shows a few years ago, such as Big Brother and Geordie Shore. Without a doubt, she became one of the brightest stars of reality TV. Millions of people kept watching her even after the show. The girl showed off strong will dropping down some impressive extra pounds. Producers couldn’t miss her and soon after Geordie Shore, she signed a new contract for Just Tattoo Of Us Show. And that was a success as well. Now she has her own MTV show.

charlotte's belly button_1

Big contracts mean impressive income boost. Charlotte is enjoying her new life stuffed with luxury and love of millions of fans. After a tough break up with her ex, she stayed single for a while. Finally, big love emerged for Crosby. Right now, she is enjoying some time away with her man Joshua Ritchie and she keeps fans frequently up to date with her activities in the Maldives. She actually can’t stop posting new pictures on Instagram. Some of them are just too much to be revealed to subscribers, but Charlotte doesn’t seem to care much about the morality.

However, one of her snaps just caused real fuss making even the biggest fans raise their eyebrows and rush for magnifying glasses:

charlotte's belly button_2

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