Clara McGregor Strips For Protest?

Clara McGregor Strips For Protest?

What is happening with young Clara, daughter of brilliant Ewan McGregor? Everyone has noticed her odd behavior that started right after her parents announced break up. The couple filed for divorce since bad boy Ewan was caught kissing his television co-star, Mary Elizabeth Winstead. What a poke in the eye for his poor wife after 22 years of marriage!

What is the worst here – Eve Mavrakis and McGregor were parents to 4 kids, the oldest of which was 21 and the youngest – just 6 as their parents split. Now you can imagine those little hearts breaking after such a betrayal.If Ewan’s 15-year-old daughter Esther wrote a super sad song, telling the world how hurt she was by his new romance with Mary; Clara, who is now 22 years old has chosen another paths.

First, she has launched a stinging attack on her dad, using some locker-room language. She claimed she couldn’t understand what on Earth could make him leave her ‘goddess mother’. She also once called her dad’s new girlfriend Mary “a piece of trash”.But her father doesn’t seem to be reacting to this. So, Clara took it as a challenge to action.

First, her nudies leaked. We are not sure what made her go and strip down for a photoset, but anyway fans were happy to give a glance at Ewan’s daughter assets. And we might say, as a successful model she has a lot to dispose.

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