How to Spot Your Partner Just had Sex

How to Spot Your Partner Just had Sex


Do you know the feeling when you sense someone is not honest with you, but you can’t tell for sure. And then those doubts are torturing you for hours without any chance to spot if you were right or wrong. Things get worse when you feel your partner is cheating on you, but never can tell for sure. Here are the main signs your beloved one is right out of somebody else’s bed.



1. The smell

If you notice unexpected body smell change – it’s 95% your partner just had sex. Lovers say they try hard to mask that special odor they get after sweating during their bedroom games. But it’s not only about the brine. If you can sense some new soap aroma (or that might be shower gel as well) – seems like you caught a cheater. That’s the reason you should go for another evidence.


2. The clothes

Look carefully at your partner. Is everything ok with their clothes? Does it seem somehow messy? Check if the outfits are buttoned up correctly. Sometimes secret lovers are in a hurry, so tucking the shirt neatly is not possible. It is also advised to search for some suspicious spots. The clothes might look wet or dirty – both can be the sign.

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