The 20 Best DIY Projects Ever Seen on Reddit

Some people just seem to have a natural knack for being able to create amazing works of art with their hands – and, of course, they would want to show off their creations to the world via the net. Reddit’s /r/DIY has become a favorite for people who want to show what they can make, and it’s housed some pretty incredible work over the years.

Most of the following projects are breathtaking and nearly impossible to do without some experience, high-quality tools, and know-how. While you might not be able to make the awesome creations these Redditors have made, it doesn’t hurt to look for inspiration for your next project from them. After all, they are just too darn cool.

Power_cube’s Natural Swim Pond

Most people would be totally fine with just buying a custom pool or moving next to a pond if they wanted to be able to swim in some water. However, u/power_cube isn’t most people.

According to this extremely dedicated Reddit user, he spent over three years of his life making an artificial pond that is swimmable and looks like a real pond. He even added cattails and other pond-ready plants to complete its look!

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