This Artist Draw Cartoons on Random Photos And Results Are Super Funny

Photography often captures reality or alters a collection of things existing in reality. Guess what will happens when photography and drawing, the two quite different mediums come together? Well, my friends! The results will definitely create quirky and unexpected images and the Brazilian multimedia artist, Lucas Levitan proves it well.

Lucas has a wild imagination that seems to invent alternative stories for everything he sees. In his series “Photo Invasion,” he steals other people’s Instagram photos as canvases for his own creations and adds an illustrative element to it. He illustrates the pictures with silly, funny, or weird characters by completely changing the context of the original picture and usually making it more fun.

The artist turns existing stunning retro-looking photos into a whole new experience in the world of art. Scroll on to see some of the unique manifestations of his playful and hilarious photos in the list below and enjoy peeps!

More info: Lucas Levitan

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