This is What Happen When People With Sense of Humour Use Photoshop

People who know their way around Photoshop can seriously create almost anything they want.  And if they have a good sense of humor, things get extremely interesting.

We believe a subtle brush of Photoshop magic can add a lot of humor to an existing image. And that’s also the thought of London-based photographer James Popsys, who likes to use Photoshop for adding some contradiction and irony into his photos. Popsys’ work reflects his humorous and quirky personality as he loves to transform the very ordinary into the extraordinary, creating visually hilarious narratives in everyday objects.

From giant hotdogs hanging from the front of a building to a London Underground station sprouting up from the middle of nowhere, his pictures will surely make you laugh out loud. Scroll on to see our compiled photos from James’s collection and enjoy peeps!


1The summers are here. Why not make some good use of them.

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